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Healthcare Definitions

ADULT DAY CARE CENTERS: Adult Day Care Centers provide therapeutic programs of social and health services and activities for adults in a non-institutional setting. Participants may use the services offered daily, for periods less than a 24-hour.

ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES: An Assisted Living Facility provides personal care services in the least restrictive and most home-like environment.  ALFs can range in size from one resident to several hundreds and may offer a wide variety of personal and nursing services designed specifically to meet and individual's personal needs. An ALF is any building or buildings, section or distinct part of a building, private home, boarding home, home for the aged, or other residential facility, whether operated for profit or not, which undertakes to provide housing, meals and one or more personal services for a period exceeding 24 hours to one or more adults who are not relatives of the owner or administrator.

HEALTH CARE CLINICS: In Florida a health care clinic means is an entity at which health care services are provided to individuals and which tenders charges for reimbursement for such services, including a mobile clinic and portable equipment provider. Hospitals and some other facilities are excluded.  

HOME HEALTH AGENCIES: Florida Statutes, §§ 400.692(12) states: "Home Health Agency" means an organization that provides home health services and staffing services. Home health services are health and medical services and medical supplies furnished by an organization to an individual in his or her home or place of residence.  

HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT PROVIDERS: Home medical equipment includes any product as defined by the Federal Drug Administration's Drugs, Devices and Cosmetic Act; any product reimbursed under the Medicare Part B Durable Medical Equipment benefits; or any product reimbursed under the Florida Medicaid durable medical equipment program. Home medical equipment includes oxygen and related respiratory equipment, manual, motorized, or customized wheelchair and related seating and positioning devices, but does not include prosthetics or orthotics or any splints, braces, or aids custom fabricated by a licensed health care practitioner; it includes motorized scooters; personal transfer systems; and specialty beds, for use by a person with a medical need. 

INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITY FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED: An intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled means a residential facility licensed and certified in accordance state law, and certified by the Federal Gvernment, pursuant to the Social Security Act, as a provider of Medicaid services to personas with developmental disabilities.   

PRESCRIBED PEDIATRIC EXTENDED CARE CENTERS: A prescribe pediatric extended care center (a PPEC center) is any building or buildings, or other place, whether operated for profit or not, which undertakes through its ownership or management to provide basic nonresidential services to three or more medically dependent or technologically dependent children who are not related to the owner or operator by blood, marrriage or adoption and who require such services. Infants and children considered for admission to a PPEC center must have complex medical condition that require continual care. Prerequisite for admission are a prescription from the child's attending physicians and consent of a parent or guardian.   

NURSE REGISTRIES: F.S. § 400.462(21) states that a nurse registry means any person that procures, offers, promises, or attempts to secure health-care-related contracts for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, companions or homemakers, who are compensated by fees as independent contractors, including, but not limited to, contracts to provide private duty or staffing services to health care facilities licensed under chapter 395, this chapter, or chapter 429 or other business entities.